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30 November
Alexey Kalachev
Chief Executive Officer
Moscow Export Center
Dear visitors!

Welcome to a virtual showroom of 17 Moscow companies under a single brand MADE IN MOSCOW. Thanks to special technical solutions, you can enjoy a panoramic view of interactive 3D product models with 360-degree rotation. MADE IN MOSCOW is a showcase to a variety of products of the highest quality. Breakfast cereals and snacks, honey, jams and desserts, water and energy drinks, popcorn and dried fruits, weight loss and fitness products, sports nutrition and freeze-dried foods - all these will appeal to the most discerning consumers.

We wish you to successfully participate in the event, to create new and strengthen existing business relations! And we wish the high-quality Moscow products to reach the tables of connoisseurs of tasty and healthy food from all over the world as soon as possible. Please, enjoy your visit!


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Moscow companies.

Virtual Showroom

Why is it convenient:
  1. Navigate the showroom in 3D
    A 3D Navigation provides a visual experience for visitors which almost replicates the thrill of attending offline exhibitions
  2. View exhibitor products in detail
    View exhibitor products in its full glory with 3D images, descriptions, technical specifications and downloadable brochures
  3. Share your requirements with exhibitors
    Choose a particular exhibitor and share your requirements with them
  4. Showroom open 24/7
    Visit the online showroom at any convenient time
  5. Pandemic-proof
    Stay safe visiting the online showroom without leaving your office or home
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